in-ceiling subwoofer,
bass without the box.



Designed to be hidden away in your ceiling, cS6 uses a 4th order bandpass design to provide efficient and deep bass, all through a small port opening in your ceiling. With the choice of 3 different port locations, it is easy to get the sub hidden away giving maximum bass and minimal visual impact.

big bass,
ultimate flexibility.

Designed to be installed into your ceiling during construction, cS6 provides deep bass to bring the most out of your music and movies, all from a small port opening. With it’s variable-location port system, cS6 can fit into most ceiling spaces, no matter the required cabinet orientation.
Can’t fit the cabinet into your ceiling? cS6 also works perfectly when built into cabinetry or even positioned under furniture. Be sure to receive great bass with no visual impact.

Your space,
your sound.

Easy to install, cS6 fits into most ceilings (minimum cavity depth 165mm) giving great bass with zero visual intrusion. Using provided installation brackets, cS6 attaches directly to the ceiling framework and ports through an opening about the size of a downlight.

Minimum 165mm Cavity More Detail Install Included Brackets (leaving one 'end' open) More Detail Place and screw cS6 in place using supplied screws More Detail Attach final bracket More Detail Attach cable, test and adjust port position (up to 110mm adjustment) More Detail Pre-cut 56mm hole and hang ceiling board More Detail Plaster - ensure plaster does not enter port More Detail Paint More Detail Minimum 165mm Cavity Less Detail Depending on room layout and size, it is often recommended to located the subwoofer port as close to the corner of the room as possible.

Ceiling cavity should be a minimum of 165mm in depth to allow for mounting hardware on the subwoofer.

3 different port locations are available on the cS6 to increase installation location flexibility. All port locations require the same subwoofer installation procedure, please see the install guide for more information on how to select and alternative port option.
Full Install Guide
Install Mounting Brackets Less Detail Install three of the four supplied mounting brackets. The brackets form a shelf for the subwoofer to sit on as well as providing lateral location.

Brackets should be positioned such that, once installed, the subwoofer port will be able to line up with the front surface of the finished ceiling level. The cabinet should be straight such that the port tube is perpendicular to the ceiling board surface.

The cS6 port length can be adjusted by changing the amount it protrudes from the cabinet. It can be adjusted between 0mm up to 110mm in protrusion. This ensures the subwoofer ports into the room and not into the ceiling cavity.

The brackets should be screwed directly to the timber joists.
Full Install Guide
Position and attach cS6 Less Detail Position the cS6 on the installation brackets, double checking the port location is correct.

Screw through the brackets directly into the cS6 cabinet, securing it rigidly in place.
Full Install Guide
Attach the Final Bracket Less Detail Screw the fourth and final bracket in place.

Take care to avoid the subwoofer terminal plate.

This will lock the subwoofer in place and provide even and uniform support of the entire cabinet.
Full Install Guide
Connect Cable & Test Less Detail Connect the loudspeaker cable to the subwoofer and test. Pay attention to cable polarity, connecting the red cable core to the red subwoofer terminal (positive) and the black cable core to the black terminal (negative). If cable cores are not red and black, ensure polarity is consistent with all speakers in the system. Once the ceiling board is installed, it will not be easy to correct any mistakes made prior to this stage.

Neostein recommends using double-insulated stranded cable that is a maximum thickness of 8GA (3.5mm diameter core) and not thinner than 12GA (2mm diameter core).

Subwoofer should be tested using either music or a tone sweep.

Check that the port lines up with the finished ceiling level (accounting for plasterboard and plaster thickness).
Full Install Guide
Close Ceiling Less Detail Measure the exact port location and pre-cut a hole in the ceiling board so that the port sits central to the opening.

The hole should be no less than 57mm diameter and no more than 60mm. The smaller the cutout, the better the performance, as the subwoofer will vent more positively into the room, however it may make alignment a little bit more difficult.

Neostein recommends using a 60mm down-light hole saw for fast and precise hole cutting.
Full Install Guide
Plaster Ceiling Less Detail The ceiling can now be plastered/finished as it would normally.

Care should be taken to not get excess plaster inside the subwoofer port. Any excess plaster should be carefully wiped away. If plaster fully enters the port (110mm deep) and is not cleaned out, then there is a chance that hard dry plaster will cause audible distortion once installed. A paper/fabric plug may be used during plastering to help prevent accidental plaster in the port tube.
Full Install Guide
Paint Ceiling Less Detail The ceiling can now be plastered/finished as it would normally.

The inside of the port tube may also be painted if required to help match the visual aesthetic.

Port opening can equally be hidden behind a ventilation grille or similar as long as airflow is not severely limited. As a general rule, if you can breathe easily through a grille, cloth or ventilation plate, then bass will successfully vent into the room. This can be especially effective where matching air vent covers are used to disguise the port opening further into the aesthetic of the space.
Full Install Guide

Key info


bass you can feel from a subwoofer you cannot see
Experience deep and dynamic bass from a nearly-invisible subwoofer installed into your ceiling.
Feel the impact of movies, music and games with low frequency rumble and punch that can only be achieved through a subwoofer.


Clean lines, clean bass
A high sensitivity 6″ 4th order bandpass subwoofer, cS6 is designed to be installed into your ceiling, with only a small port opening, allowing all the bass to fill your room for maximum impact, but with nearly zero visual impact.


Ported Perfection
With a selection of 3 various port locations on the cabinet, it is possible to position the subwoofer in nearly all ceiling cavities, porting freely into the room below. Simply select which port position of the three will work best for your space, allowing correct orientation of the cabinet.
Not only is the position of the port adjustable, but it can also extend by up to 110mm from the front of the cabinet, allowing the port tube to line up perfectly with your ceiling. This helps to deliver bass seamlessly into your room, and not into the ceiling.


Secure, Simple, Strong
Using the supplied L-brackets, cS6 is attached directly to the wooden joists or framework prior to installation of the ceiling board. Adjusting the port length to line up with the finished ceiling level and pre-cutting the port opening in the ceiling board makes for a fast and seamless installation to deliver strong bass in a secure and safe manner for years to come.


Powered by standard audio amplifiers. Can be used as part of a surround sound system (subwoofer output from AVR into a separate amplifier) or as part of a multi-room music system for big bass. On-board analogue filtering means that most standard power amps are suitable.


75W continuous
150W peak
4Ω nominal impedance
Sprung loudspeaker terminals
605mm long
270mm wide
156mm deep
104dB maximum SPL (@ 1m in half space)
86dB SPL 1m @ 2.83Vrms (half space)
Full 360º bass coverage

Experience deep bass today.


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