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Scan your speaker’s built-in NFC tag for product information, serial number, production date and product authentication.

Why scan your speaker?

Each Neostein loudspeaker contains a Near Field Contact (NFC) tag which contains the serial number of your loudspeaker. Scanning the tag will display a web page with product authentication, serial number and product information. This includes the appropriate datasheet and installation guide.

How to scan

  1. Using a smart phone that supports NFC communication (iPhone 7 onwards and many Android devices) or a dedicated scanner, hold the unlocked phone/scanner near the indicated tag location. It is not typically required to use a dedicated application on your smart phone to read our NFC tags, however if your device requires a separate application, download an appropriate NFC/RFID scanning app from the appropriate app store.
  2. Once detected, the tag will automatically open a webpage with the appropriate information displayed, this can then be copied and logged, or used to register the product.
  3. For more information, contact your Neostein distributor
Note: Tags cannot be read once speaker has been installed in a wall or ceiling using a standard scanner, we recommend making a note of all serial numbers prior to installation.

What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) tags are small passive devices which contain a low-storage memory chip and an aerial, they are also known as RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification). They cannot transmit data on their own meaning they can only be read when a scanner is held in close proximity to the tag. Neostein tags are programmed to only contain the loudspeaker Serial Number, nothing else.

What information is stored on the tag?

Only the products serial number is stored on the NFC tag, no personal information about the buyer, seller or the scanner is stored on the chip.

Why do we use NFC tags?

NFC tags give three great benefits to our dedicated team of installers and suppliers as well as offering peace of mind to the end user.

  1. On-site support: Not sure how to install the speaker you have in your hands, or want to know more information quickly and easily? Simply scan the tag to have instant access to the products datasheet and installation guide.
  2. Stock management: Simply scan the NFC tag to have quick access to the products serial number. This can be easily copied and logged to keep product records or stock management up to date
  3. Product authentication: Scanning the NFC tag shows a serial number which is verified by our secure servers to check whether or not the speaker you are holding is an official Neostein product. We feel passionately about the products we design and sell, and we would hate for a customer to receive a product that was not authentic.

Un-authorised scanning?

Our NFC tags are placed such that they should not be able to be read under normal conditions once the loudspeaker is installed into a wall or ceiling. Even if a high-power scanner were to be used, it is not possible to receive any information other than the loudspeaker’s serial number or make any additional communication with the speaker itself.

Your personal information

Tags are programmed at time of loudspeaker manufacturing. Therefor we have no way to store any of your personal information on the tag. Scanning your tag does not write any new information to the tag.


While it is not possible to detect the location of a tag without it being scanned, Neostein may use the scanning tool for research purposes such as validating supply chain and product registration or market location. This does not include any personal information that may link an individual to the speaker unless the serial number is directly registered with us by the installer of the product or end user. This helps us to ensure that all speakers are distributed through our dealer network correctly, helping to prevent fraud or un-authorised re-distribution of product.

Simply find the ‘scan here’ sticker on your speaker and scan using your smart phone, or enter the serial number manually below.


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